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What Happened to My Favorite Bread?

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Hello from the Organicos Team!

As many of you already know, on September 8, 2020, the Almeda Fire devastated Phoenix, OR, where our bakery is located, as well as surrounding communities. Thousands of homes and businesses were lost. Prior to this disaster, we were scheduled to move the bakery at the end of October. Miraculously, both our current location AND the one we are moving into elsewhere in Phoenix were mostly spared from the fire.

That being said, between multiple parties' insurance policies, the cleanup and repairs for both properties, and the move itself, we have had many challenges. We were on track to move on time, even during the pandemic, but then the fires pushed our plans back. City wide power outages related to the fires delayed construction on the new space, prevented clean up and baking time in the old space, and ruined our perishable inventory. At the beginning of October we were given notice that we would not be allowed any extra time with our current lease, and were required to be out by the end of the month. This was bittersweet news, as we are excited to move into a better situation, but we must remain closed until we are able to be up and running in our new location. We know many of you depend on our products to meet your dietary needs and we lament not being there for you.


(Pictured above, photos from our move. Image descriptions from top left: bakery equipment, appliances, and racks packed and wrapped for move; our team loads a flatbed trailer with equipment and appliances outside in the driveway of the bakery. From bottom left: empty bakery after the move, a vacant room with painted concrete floor and painted cement block walls; old bakery sign with logo of red sunburst, green leaves, and the name "Organicos" in curly yellow capital letters, leaning against the wall of vacant bakery; two old bakery keys to turn in, laying in the palm of staff member's hand.)


We will be located at the Phoenix Industrial Studios along South Pacific Highway. This location is a masterpiece in sustainable and thoughtful construction. As of now, there is a Ceramics Studio (Northwest Ceramics) and an awesome pizza pub (Clyde’s Corner) already calling this place home. We are SO thrilled to be a part of this venture and grateful for the support and care we have received from both our current community, and the new one we will soon be calling home.

We will be coming back in full force with exciting new products (along with your classic favorites) in a beautiful new space. With that being said, we will finally have retail space and a welcoming environment for you to stop by and browse and buy directly from our store front!

We PROMISE it will be worth the wait!

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