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Rising from the Ashes... Happy 2021!

Happy New Year, gluten free fans! Like so many of you, we are eagerly looking forward to 2021. Between the pandemic, the fires, and location issues, this fresh start for us feels better than ever!

(Image description: a hand holds a key ring with a burned, sooty, brass key stamped with the number 420. This is the key for Organicos Bakery's new location, the key was burned during the Almeda Fire of 2020.)


Despite a longer time frame than we anticipated, our new space is finally coming together. Gorgeous industrial partition walls are going up, our door has a beautiful new sign, and we are slowly but surely getting everything into place. Since we had to move all of our equipment, supplies, and fixtures in prior to construction being done, we’ve referred to our constant shifting of equipment to make room for the work as our “tile puzzle”, but as you can see from the photos some tiles are finally falling into place.

(Image description: an exterior glass door with silver metal frame and handle. On the glass is a printed logo, a white line drawing of a cityscape with bread loaf outlines as two of the buildings, red flowers, and the words Organicos Gluten Free Bakery in white. At the top of the door glass the number 420 is printed in white.)


There is still another partition wall to be built, oven repair and gas hookup to be done, retail shelves and counter to put together, and of course a lot of cleaning before we can get back into the swing of things. Last week we also finalized and sent our new labels to print, so when our bread hits the stores again the loaves will feature our updated logo (which our growers market customers are likely quite familiar with already!).

Although we can’t announce a grand opening date quite yet, we can say with some certainty that we WILL be baking and have bread back on the shelves for you before the end of January! Fingers crossed...

Thank you for your continued patience during this process! We are in the final stretch!

(Image descriptions from left to right: A partition wall under construction in the bakery, made from pipe framing with sheets of steel covered with green protective film bolted to the frame; a line of freezers against the wall of the bakery; shelving, metal tables, and a bread slicing machine lined up against the steel partition wall in the bakery.)

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2 comentarios

02 ene 2021

Oh, I can hardly wait! Can we go to some growers market to get it in the meantime? Are you baking at all yet? Really miss you all! Good luck in the home stretch and I hope I’ll get a loud announcement when it’s time!

Me gusta

02 ene 2021

Good news!

Me gusta
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