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How To Care For Your Organicos Bread in the Summer Heat

Summer is here! Do you know how to care for your Organicos gluten free bread when the temperature rises?


We use organic ingredients and never use preservatives, but all that good stuff means that our bread is particularly sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Going from the cool store (or hot, sunny market!) to your hot car to your cool house can cause condensation moisture inside the packaging, which will cause mold if the bread is left out at room temperature. We highly recommend freezing anything you will not use the day of purchase.

🍞 PRO TIP: Sick of your frozen slices sticking together? Either shift the slices around still in the packaging to loosen up the loaf before freezing, or unwrap and put parchment or wax paper between each slice!

🥪 TOAST AND ENJOY! Our bread is best eaten warm. Lightly toast for softer texture, or if you like it crunchy toast it twice!

Good food that’s good for you takes time and care. We are not fast food, or last forever food, and that’s okay. We’re proud to be making only the very best fresh bread for you and your family!

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